A Grandmother’s Tribe was a project that began in 2006/2007.  It revealed the lives of countless grandmothers in Africa, left behind after the loss of their own children, who, with determination and tenderness are now responsible for the rearing of more than 13 million orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa.

This news piece from Kenyan media channel NTV is an update on Freda, a central character of A Grandmother’s Tribe, highlighting the struggle that her and many other grandmothers face as a result of losing their children to the HIV/AIDs virus and therefore having to care for their orphaned children.

The fact that Kenyan journalists have gone to this small village of Busia is a success in itself; without the film, these grandmothers would most likely have continued their lives completely unnoticed.  However, now with the attention of thousands of viewers, the world can start to take notice and assist these grandmothers who have selflessly stepped forward to raise, educate and prepare their grandchildren for a better future.

And the film has brought more than just media attention to the village; mattresses, farming equipment, and even houses, have been donated by viewers of A Grandmother’s Tribe, to assist these unlikely heros.  It is a touching example of the benefit that can be gained from highlighting the story of a quiet yet extraordinary group of people.