BORDERLESS is challenged and invited to open a new future of thinking and action that effects real, lasting social change at the IncrediblEdge Summit this week. The Summit is to be held in Auckland, NZ where discussion and workshops will be held with some of the worlds leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists.

The Summit is set amidst the backdrop of sobering truths such as an “expanding global population (that) will put tremendous pressure on resources such as food, land and water, countries which have relied on continuous economic growth (that) will suffer zero or falling economic growth, the era of cheap carbon fuels (that) will come to an end, and waves of environmental and social crises (taking place) due to global warming.”

And these are the scenarios that this group is meeting to deal with. How do we “turn crisis into opportunity? … To help generate such a process, IncrediblEdge therefore seeks to bring together a diverse range of geniuses from across the world, including leaders in fields such as innovation, the arts and culture, entrepreneurship, architecture, design, film, environmentalism, economics, science, technology, and journalism.”

According to the Summit, “New Zealand, (is) a small country on the edge of the world which has turned its physical isolation into a competitive advantage by developing world class expertise in innovation, creativity, technology, the environment, partnership with indigenous peoples and natural resource protection.”