BORDERLESS has worked with Be. Accessible since its inception in early 2011, and today are proud to be getting a Be. Welcome Assessment!

In a world where we are all in a rush and charge ahead with mountains of work each day, it is wonderful to engage with the team at Be. to consider how we are catering to the needs of all people in our communities.

The Be. Welcome assessment looks at how accessible we are as a business; whether we are catering to the needs of all our clients, suppliers, and employees.

Be. Coach Lauren completing the Be. Welcome assessment checklist at the Borderless office

This morning our lovely Be. Coach, Lauren, came in and within 2 hours she had quietly completed her checklist and we should receive a rating and report in a week or so.

We’ll let you know how we go! And in the mean time we would certainly recommend getting in touch with the inspiring team at Be. Accessible to find out how you can begin your accessibility journey also!



Phone: 0800 Be in touch (234 686)